Classification of organisms

Why is classification of organisms important? Living things are very different from each other-this is referred to as diversity among living things- Classification  of organism is an organized way to study   These diverse  organisms, and show how they are  related to each othe Classification :  Is a system of grouping related organisms. Grouping of organismsContinue reading “Classification of organisms”

Human gastrointestinal tract ( the digestive system)

The human gastrointestinal tract is made up of the following parts: the stomach and intestine,[1] sometimes including all the structures from the mouth to the anus.[2] (The “digestive system” is a broader term that includes other structures, including the accessory organs of digestion. For detailed information check the  link below.(Wikipidea) Click here for more information about the Gastrointestinal tract The you tube video will provide aContinue reading “Human gastrointestinal tract ( the digestive system)”

Scientific method #1

The scientific method is a set of steps that a scientist follow to solve a problem. Essential elements of a scientific method are : Define a problem ( a question to answer) Hypothesis ( a possible answer to the problem Experiments (test the hypothesis) Collect,organize and interpret data. Make a conclusion. For more information checkContinue reading “Scientific method #1”

The Human Respiratory System

Without the respiratory system you would not be able to release the energy from the food you eat. And without energy you will not be able to do a thing, not even sleep! So now, let’s take a tour inside the human respiratory system. Can you name some parts of the respiratory system? Well, inContinue reading “The Human Respiratory System”

The Immune System

Why do humans need an immune system? An immune system protects the body from invaders. It protects you against disease causing pathogens. By perfoming this job the immune system helps you to maintain a balanced internal environment. The power point attached below will outline the following information :  How does the immune system work toContinue reading “The Immune System”