Classification of organisms

Why is classification of organisms important?

  • Living things are very different from each other-this is referred to as diversity among living things- Classification  of organism is an organized way to study   These diverse  organisms, and show how they are  related to each othe

Classification :  Is a system of grouping related organisms.

Grouping of organisms is based on:

1/Structural  similarities

2/ Biochemical and genetic  similarities.

3/ Stages of embryonic development similarities.

4/ fossil evidence.

Classification systems  agree that,

related organisms shared  a common ancestor. (evolutionary relationship).

Study the diagram below, that Shows  the  accepted  system of classification .

You can use this classification chart to figure out the scientific name!

Example: The human scientific name is??????????????? Homo sapiens. Try another organism!

For more information about the basis for classifying organisms refer to this link: Classifying organisms :)

By Laila Elsheikh

I'm a retired NY state certified science teacher, a doctor of veterinary medicine.