Enzymes reduce the activation energy  needed for chemical reaction to occur. Enzymes are involved in all metabolic reaction that sustain life. Examples of these reaction are, digestion, synthesis, respiration,and photosynthesis. Review the power point presentation to see how enzymes work.

The Process Of Photosynthesis

photosynthesis is the process that provides a link between the source of energy (the sun) and all organism. It  captures the sun energy and store in a form usable by organisms. Sun (energy)———-Photosynthesis–———-Plants——–Organisms. autotrophic organisms carry out the process of photosynthesis. Plants (leaves) and algae have adaptations (have chlorophyll),that absorb the sun energy. The productsContinue reading “The Process Of Photosynthesis”

Topic:The Biochemical Processes That Maintain Homeostssis

The processes that help all living things obtain the energy they need are photosynthesis  and respiration.  photosynthesis capture the sun light   and use it to combine the inorganic raw materials (carbon dioxide and water)  to form ( the organic compound) glucose and oxygen.the energy that is  stored in the chemical bonds of glucose isContinue reading “Topic:The Biochemical Processes That Maintain Homeostssis”