How To Study Or Review Any Scientific Concept? Ex.Molecules That Build Our Genes.

y virtualbiotutor[google5766b108e7b63aa1.html • Posted in Follow these steps to study any scientific concept: Study the title of the topic & find the terms (words) that you don’t know. Define these terms. Read the first paragraph & start to outline the information using a concept map. Study this concept map  of the structure of DNA Molecule.Continue reading “How To Study Or Review Any Scientific Concept? Ex.Molecules That Build Our Genes.”

Inheritance of genetic traits

HSOffspring inherit their genetic traits that make them look like their parents, through  genes contained in the chromosomes during the process of reproduction.All body cells of an organism have identical genetic information,yet are different in structure and function.  The explanation for this variation in cellular structure,  is that  different  parts of the genetic  instructions areContinue reading “Inheritance of genetic traits”

Embryonic Development

We Will follow the development of a fertilized egg from a zygote  to a baby. It’s fascinating to see how a single cell develops  and grows into a complete baby. check your vocabulary through these introductory questions and follow the power point presentation to check your understanding of the process of development Embryonic Development How Does A ZygoteContinue reading “Embryonic Development”

Meiotic cell division Meiosis

Facts about meiosis. Meiosis involves two cell division. It produces cells that are different from the parent cell. Each cell has .one-half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell. Meiosis takes place during sexual reproduction, producing sex cells ( eggs & sperms ). It takes place in the sex organs (ovaries & testes) LetContinue reading “Meiotic cell division Meiosis”