How To Study Or Review Any Scientific Concept? Ex.Molecules That Build Our Genes.

y virtualbiotutor[google5766b108e7b63aa1.html ‚ÄĘ Posted in Follow these steps to study any scientific concept: Study the title of the topic & find the terms (words) that you don’t know. Define these terms. Read the first paragraph & start to outline the information using a concept map. Study this concept map  of the structure of DNA Molecule.…Read more »

Inheritance of genetic traits

HSOffspring inherit their genetic traits that make them look like their parents, through ¬†genes contained in the chromosomes during the process of reproduction.All body cells of an organism have identical genetic information,yet are different in structure and function. ¬†The explanation for this variation in cellular structure, ¬†is that ¬†different ¬†parts of the genetic ¬†instructions are…Read more »

Embryonic Development

We Will follow the development of a fertilized egg from a¬†zygote¬† to a baby. It’s¬†fascinating¬†to see how a single cell develops ¬†and grows into a complete baby. check your vocabulary through these introductory questions and follow the power point presentation to check your understanding of the process of development Embryonic Development How Does A Zygote…Read more »