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 What do  you study about an organism to learn about its metabolism ? With an example explain the term homeostasis . How can you define the term life? Put these terms in a complete sentence that explain their meaning. ( Cells, Organisms, Strucure, & function). Why do organisms reproduce?

Similarities and Differences Among Living things (organisms).

  ORGANISMS ¬† ¬†-Living Things- A tree, a cow, a mushroom.bacteria (microscopic), and a student in your class, ¬†are ¬†all organisms , that¬†are both similar and different from each other. Living things ¬†are also ¬†different from nonliving things. Can you name some characteristics that are similar among all living things? Ok how about naming a…Read more »

Ecological Succession

Ecological succession: This is a  very  unique process that changes   communities Рin ecosystems Р over time.This series of changes lead to the development of  a stable or climax community.This gradual process is summarized by this power point presentation.


This power point presentation will take you in a journey though the amazing interactions among the biotic components of the. environment. specifically it discusses and explains the following concepts: Food Chain Food Web Pyramids of Energy and biomass.