Hi, let us review the life process. You know cells carry out,nutrition, transport, respiration, regulation, synthesis, excretion, growth, and reproduction  to maintain homeostasis and stay  alive. We continue to live, because our cells are performing these life functions.

Check the following video for another look at the life processes (functions)

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The Immune System

The Immune System

Do you know the connection between the immune system and the Coronavirus pandemic? Of course it’s the immune system. Help us fight this contagious viralinfection.You will be able to find out how the immune system protects you from getting sick.

The immune system , consists of  three lines of defense .

Disease-causing organisms like bacteria, viruses, and parasites are examples of antigens; toxins and any other substance that stimulate an immune response.

Check the power point presentation for more information.

 Topic :the-im-system3 (1) (ppt)

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