A Genious  Student Explains A Genetic Lesson By A-Rap Song.


How To Study Or Review Any Scientific Concept? Ex.Molecules That Build Our Genes.

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Follow these steps to study any scientific concept:

  1. Study the title of the topic & find the terms (words) that you don’t know.
  2. Define these terms.
  3. Read the first paragraph & start to outline the information using a concept map.
  4. Study this concept map  of the structure of DNA Molecule.

DNA   Strucure

  •                   Use this concept map as a guide line to create your own map.
  •                   Break down the map into smaller  sections, then  combine all to get the last version of the concept.
  •                    use similar colors to highlight similarities.
  •                     Explain or review the topic with a friend.
  •                      Answer the review questions to check your understanding of the concept that you studied.
  •                      Consult with your teacher to help you with the difficult points of the topic.

Inheritance of genetic traits

HSOffspring inherit their genetic traits that make them look like their parents, through  genes contained in the chromosomes during the process of reproduction.All body cells of an organism have identical genetic information,yet are different in structure and function.  The explanation for this variation in cellular structure,  is that  different  parts of the genetic  instructions are used in different cells and gene expression is  influenced by the cell environment and past history.

Check the power point presentation to get more information.

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