How To Study Or Review Any Scientific Concept? Ex.Molecules That Build Our Genes.

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Follow these steps to study any scientific concept:

  1. Study the title of the topic & find the terms (words) that you don’t know.
  2. Define these terms.
  3. Read the first paragraph & start to outline the information using a concept map.
  4. Study this concept map  of the structure of DNA Molecule.

DNA   Strucure

  •                   Use this concept map as a guide line to create your own map.
  •                   Break down the map into smaller  sections, then  combine all to get the last version of the concept.
  •                    use similar colors to highlight similarities.
  •                     Explain or review the topic with a friend.
  •                      Answer the review questions to check your understanding of the concept that you studied.
  •                      Consult with your teacher to help you with the difficult points of the topic.