Similarities and Differences Among Living things (organisms).

  ORGANISMS    -Living Things- A tree, a cow, a mushroom.bacteria (microscopic), and a student in your class,  are  all organisms , that are both similar and different from each other. Living things  are also  different from nonliving things. Can you name some characteristics that are similar among all living things? Ok how about naming aContinue reading “Similarities and Differences Among Living things (organisms).”

The Process Of Photosynthesis

photosynthesis is the process that provides a link between the source of energy (the sun) and all organism. It ┬ácaptures the sun energy and store in a form usable by organisms. Sun (energy)———-Photosynthesis–———-Plants——–Organisms. autotrophic organisms carry out the process of photosynthesis. Plants (leaves) and algae have adaptations (have chlorophyll),that absorb the sun energy. The productsContinue reading “The Process Of Photosynthesis”